Fix Tplink extender setup error

Fix Tplink extender setup error

Fix Tplink extender setup error

Trying to configure Tplink extender? Getting tplink extender setup error? Facing configuration issue or unable to install Tplink range extender? After connecting tplink repeater to wifi router, wont connect Tplinkrepeater to your devices. Or cant setup tp-link extender setup control panel.

If yes, then do read this guide for steps to fix Tplink extender setup error or cant setup tplink repeater or even if failed to configure Tplink extender. 

Can't Setup Tplink Repeater - Easy Ways To Solve

Cant Setup Tplink Repeater or getting tplink extender installation issue and wont able to configure find easy ways to solve

TP-link repeaters could be setup as wifi network extender using any of the following three ways:

  1. TP-link repeater setup over Tether app
  2. TPlink extender setup over the web browser (using
  3. Install Tplink range extender using Wifi Protected Setup (WPS)

Before Installing Tplink Repeater - Initial Requirements

How To Position your TP-link repeater if Unable to install tplink extender?

Before Installing Tplink Repeater - Initial Requirements
  1. Place the TP-link repeater close to the original router or access point for stronger wireless signals.
  2. Connect the repeater to an outlet that is closer to the wireless router or in the same room.
  3. Optimize your TP-link repeater location with the Wi-Fi signal LED. If the TP-link repeater is connected to the Wi-Fi of the router with a low signal strength, you must place the repeater next to the router and go back to configuring the TP-link repeater.

Tplink extender setup error- Check LED status and behavior-

Check LED status and behaviour- Tplink extender setup error
  • The blue LED on tplink repeater indicates that the TP-link router and repeater are successfully connected at the optimal location.
  • A solid red LED indicates that the TP-link repeater has a weak signal and needs to be moved near the original wireless router.
  • A blinking LED indicates that the repeater’s wireless connection is established.
  • Turned Off LED light indicates no active Wi-Fi connection.

Fail to configure Tplink extender- Setup Tplink repeater via tether app

How To TP-link repeater setup using the TP-link tether app ?

How To TPlink repeater setup using the TP-link tether app ?

  1. Download the TP-link tether app to your mobile phone. Search for the app or scan the QR code in the Google Play store to download it to your Android device and to the iPhone app store.
  2. Install the application on your mobile phone.
  3. Plug the TP-link repeater into a power outlet.
  4. Be sure to connect the TP-link extension cable in close proximity to your home router.
  5. Turn on the TP-link repeater, let it boot and run.
  6. Open Wi-Fi settings on your mobile phone.
  7. Connect to a Wi-Fi network with the SSID of the TP-link repeater by selecting it from the displayed Wi-Fi SSID list.
  8. Enter the password or security key for the TP-link repeater Wi-Fi network.
  9. Launch TP-link tether mobile app on your device.
  10. Scan to find available Wi-Fi networks and select the SSID of the source router.
  11. Connect to the above SSID of the source router using the router’s Wi-Fi wireless password.
  12. The default SSID for your TP-link extended relay network will be the same as your original router network.
  13. TP-link wireless repeater will extend Wi-Fi signals from the source.
  14. Connect your wireless devices to the Wi-Fi network of the TP-link extender configuration error- Resolve configuration error- Resolve

How To TP-link repeater setup using

  • Connect to a wall outlet.
  • Be sure to connect the TP-link extender range  in close proximity to your home router.
  • Turn on the TP-link repeater, let it boot and run.
  • Open the Wireless Utilities Manager on your computer.
  • Connect your computer to the wireless network of the TP-link repeater using the default wireless settings – SSID and password.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi of TP-link repeater by selecting its default SSID.
  • Enter the default password for TP-link Wi-Fi repeater.
  • Information about the default TP-link Wi-Fi repeater can be found on the TP-link repeater label.
  • Open a web browser on your computer connected to the Wi-Fi of the TP-link extender.
  • Go to the default login domain address
  • Create and assign a password to login the TP-link repeater for security purposes.
  • The TP-link repeater will search for available Wi-Fi SSIDs.
  • Select the SSID of the wireless network name for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands of the source router.
  • Enter the wireless router password to connect the repeater to the router’s Wi-Fi.
  • Assign an SSID for your extended Wi-Fi network using the TP-link repeater.
  • Also set up the security of your wireless network and set it to WPA2 Personal.
  • WPA2 Personal is considered the most secure connection type available.
  • Click “Save” to apply TP-Link advanced wireless settings.
  • Connect your wireless devices to the extended TP-link repeater network.

Tplink repeater Setup Issue Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot Tplink repeater Setup error

How To TP-link repeater setup over Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Setting up the over WPS is possible only if the router as well as TP-link repeater supports the WPS feature.

  1. plug the TP-link repeater into the power plug attachment. 
  2. Make a point to plug the TP-link extender inside the short proximity of your home router. 
  3. Power on the TP-link repeater and allow it to boot up and start.
  4. Press the WPS button on the TP-link repeater.
  5. The WPS status LED on repeater would start to blink.
  6. Within no time, Press the WPS button on the source wireless router.
  7. As the association would be setup the WPS status LED would get strong.
  8. if the WPS LED shows weak signal bars, relocate the repeater close to the source router and again repeat the TP-link repeater setup. 
  9. Setup the devices once again to press the WPS button.
  10. When the WPS LED light is solid, connection is successful.
  11. At the point when the WPS LED light is strong, association is effective.  
  12. Following these steps you can install Tplink repeater or Tplink extender setup is done properly.

TPlink repeater setup error- Advanced troubleshooting

TPlink repeater setup error- Advanced troubleshooting

Cant Configure Tplink repeater? What to do?

Can’t access to configure the TP-link repeater? Or unable to Tplink extender setup login page? Then do follow below mentioned steps

  • Monitor your internet connection as it may block access to
  • Then check if the devices are properly connected to each other.
  • Try using a different web browser to login to
  • Finally, reset the TP-link repeater to the default coefficient values.

Tplink extender not connecting to WiFi or Tplink repeater connected but no internet

Tplink extender not connecting to router or devices? Or What should I do if the Internet speed is slow after connecting the device to Wi-Fi of the TP-link extender?

  • If Tp-link range extender not connecting to Wi-Fi or after connecting Wi-Fi, not getting high speed internet or WiFi keep lagging. It indicates that Tplink extender setup is not done properly. Follow below mentioned steps for correctly installation of tplink repeater.
  • Avoid setting the same SSID or network name for the TP-link repeater and the original router, and be sure to create a new SSID.
  • Check the signal status of the Tplink by the indicator light, as weak signals indicate that the TP-link is moving closer to the router.

Take a speed test to check the signal strength of the wireless repeater. If not, place the repeater three meters away from the router to configure the TP-link repeater.

With these troubleshooting steps, you can configure login admin panel, and can resolve tplink extender setup issues. If still unable to install Tplink repeater or Tplink range extender keep disconnecting from router and devices. Do consider to get help from experts.