Tplink Extender Connected But No WiFi

Tp-Link Extender connected, but WiFi says no internet?  connected to WiFi but getting no WiFi signal. Tp-Link extender full signal but no internet or Tp-Link extender shows a signal but not the internet. Tp-Link Extender RE450 is connected but not internet is working when you enter

Reasons for Tp-Link Extender Connected but no Internet

Case 1: Error in Tp-Link Extender while Configuration/Setup

This can be one of the major issues if the TP-Link extender is connected but you are not able to access the internet. In order to configure the TP-Link Extender follow the given steps:

  • Login to your TP-Link Extender page via
  • Make the 2 different network in your router as 2.4GHz and 4GHz SSID then click to NEXT
  • Enter the default SSIDs or customise them for extended networks
  • Verify your settings and click on SAVE
  • Enjoy the seamless internet now

Case 2: TP-Link Extender is failed to connect to the main router

In order to get out of this situation where your Tp-Link extender shows signal but not internet, follow the given set of instruction

  • Make sure that you have entered the correct password while configuration
  • Hold the RESET button and reconfigure it
  • Disable all your network connection and try reconnecting it

If you’re still facing any error get in touch with our team, will provide you with a complete solution for your TP-Link extender issue.

Case 3: Tp-Link Extender full signal but No Internet

The main reason behind the no internet access is that Tp-Link Extender is not able to obtain the IP address from the main router.

  • A static or specific IP address can easily help you to get out of this situation. For this follow the below steps
  • Login to your router and make sure that your DHCP serving settings are correct or not
  • You can also get this by Command Prompt by connecting your device to WiFi
  • If settings are not the same make sure that extender and router server settings are equivalent to each other

If you face any problem while performing any step feel free to contact us. Our technical team will help you to resolve the Tp-Link Extender full signal but no internet issue.

Tp-Link Extender RE450 connected, but wifi says no internet connection – Solution


This can be due to if some the below statement is true:

Put the wrong password for the host network: For this, check the user guide of your Tp-Link Extender RE450. Make sure that the light signal status of your extender matches normal operational mode. If the status is not correct please check the password, reset the extender and try to reinstall.

Router might have MAC filtering or Access control enabled:  For this, you need to make sure that ACL ( Access Control List) that of MAC is set to allow.

Troubleshooting Steps for no internet is working when you enter 

Step 1: Confirm that you’re connected to your TP-Link Extender. This can be done by physically connecting to the port or by setting the unique SSID

Step 2: Check the IP address of your extender.

Step 3: Ping your gateway address to the communication with the router

Step 4: If pings are working fine you are connected and the internet issue is resolved

Step 5: If your ping is working fine then the issue lies within your router and you need a MAC address of your extender to the router.

Tplink Extender Connected But No WiFi Error- Troubleshoot

Outdated Firmware of your TP-Extender RE450

Outdated firmware is one of the major reasons for the not proper functioning of your TP-Link Extender. One must update the firmware of TP-Link Extender on a regular basis in order to enjoy uninterrupted internet access. Follow the given steps for updating TP-Link Extender RE450 Firmware:

Step 1: Download the latest firmware version that supports your device.

Step 2: Login to your Tp-Link Extender web management page via

Step 3: Navigate through the System Tools > Firmware Upgrade, then click on the browse button.

Step 4: Click on the Upgrade button and wait for the device to complete the procedure.

Step 5: Check if your device has updated the firmware or not.


  • It is suggested that you should take the backup of the settings before upgrading the firmware
  • Do Not upgrade the firmware via wireless connection, unless device only support wireless connection
  • Do not Turn OFF the power or unplug the ethernet cable during the upgradation process

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RESET your Tp-Link Extender

Sometimes by resetting your device can solve the internet problem. For this follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Switch ON your device and make sure the power supply is continuous

Step 2: Locate the RESET button at the rear side of your device.

Step 3: Press and hold the RESET button for a few seconds with the help of some pointed object.

Step 4:  Release the button once the device reboot.

Factory RESET your Tp-Link Extender with software

Step 1: Plugin your range extender to the power supply and connect it using WiFi.

Step 2: Login into your range extender device via or 

Step 3: Move to Settings > System Tools > Backup and Restore

Step 4: Select the Factory Reset option in order to perform for your TP-Link Extender

Step 5: Continue with the process and once the process will be completed your device will restart.

Note: You need to set up the extender device again to extend the range of your wifi signal.

If none of the above-mentioned tactics work to resolve your issue. Then contact us. Our team will help you out to fix the issue quickly.

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