Tplink Extender Red Light Error

Tplink Extender Red Light Error

Red Light on Tplink Extender

Getting red light on Tplink extender? Or Tplink extender red LED flashing or solid red light on tplinkrepeatre? Is TP-Link Extender shows  red light? Facing a solid red light on the tp-link wifi booster? TP-Link Emitting continuous red light.

This guide will provide you complete information about how to fix red light blinking on tplink extender. LED Light on the TP-link wifi booster indicates the different status of the Tp-Link extenders. Before moving forward with red light blinking on tplink extender one should know all kind of LED color.

Red LED Flashing on Tplink Extender- What To Do?
TP-Link Repeater Blinking Red Light and other LED indications

Tp-Link Repeater Blinking Red Light and Other Light Indications

  • When first LED icons turn ON, after connected to any power supply electrical socket. If the power LED is blinking it shows that the router is under power saving mode.
  • The next LED is powerline connection. If LED is ON indicating that proper powerline connection is established successfully.
  • In this case, the LED light turns to Green indicating that data consumption is more than 80 Mbps. The powerline LED will turn to Orange if the data consumption is between 40-82 Mbps and LED turns to RED when data consumption is less than 40 Mbps.
  • The third LED is for ethernet connection. This turn will turn ON when there is proper connection between extender and router with the use of ethernet cable.
  • The WiFI LED light will turn ON where WiFi connection is established successfully

TpLink Extender Showing Red Light - Fix

Red LED Blinking on TpLink Extender- Troubleshooting Steps

  • Relocate your extender and router to a new location that is free from any kind of radio waves and reflective materials
  • Check that your TP-Link devices are getting proper and continuous power supply
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the firmware that is compatible with the hardware.

Solid Red Light on Tp-Link WiFi Booster- Advance Troubleshooting Steps

If the procedure that is mentioned above fails to resolve your query, then one should switch to the advance troubleshooting steps

  • Open any installed web browser on your end device(laptop/computer).
  • Open in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Once you have access to the login panel, look for WiFi settings and make the changes as needed.
  • If your fails to configure your settings, try again to configure.

In this manner once can easily troubleshoot the problem of solid red light on Tp-link wifi booster.

Tplink extender emitting red light Fix With Update Firmware

Sometimes, TP-link extenders red light due to using outdated firmware versions. It is suggested that users must update the firmware with its latest version.

Resolve Tplink extender beeping red light using login:

  • Always update the firmware using ethernet cable until the device only supports wireless connectivity. 
  • It is suggested not to remove any cable or turn OFF the device during the entire process.
  • Backup should be taken of the current setting as updates might remove all the settings.

Steps for manual updating firmware for eliminating Tp-Link extender red light issue

  • Download the latest version of the firmware and unzip all the files to the desired location of your computer/laptop.
  • Get access to the tplinkextender login panel by using the web interface.
  • Look for  Firmware Upgrade option under system tool option.
  • Upload the file to the login panel and click on the Upgrade button to begin the process.
  • Once the upgrade process is completed, your tp-link device will reboot itself.
  • Once all processes are completed check whether settings are removed or not. If removed, upload the previous setting to the tp-link extender. 

Tplink extender show red Light- Reset factory setting via

  • Open the browser on your system and enter tplinkrepeater net in the address bar.
  • Get access to the login panel with username and password.
  • Look for Factory default under backup & restore option.
  • Wait for extender to reboot to its factory default settings

Tried all the mentioned steps for resolving red LED flashing on TP-Link extender and still issues are not resolved. Get in touch with our experts providing solutions for your Tplink extender showing red LED, solid red light on Tplink WiFi booster and other issues.

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